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This ‘The Last Of Us’ Detail Will Rip Your Heart Out

Ellie standing wary with a gun in the woods

Warning: massive spoilers ahead for The Last Of Us 2 and possibly the second season of The Last Of Us.

The first episode of HBO’s The Last Of Us had enough gut-wrenching moments even if you came in with zero knowledge of either game that inspired the show. However, if you’ve played both games, there was one Easter egg that will knock you for six.

The show kicks off earlier than the game does, giving us more backstory and character introduction for Joel and his daughter Sarah. It’s Joel’s 36th birthday and the pair curl up on the sofa (sans birthday cake) to watch a movie that Sarah got for them to celebrate. An excited Joel is looking forward to watching it and immediately puts on the fictional film, which the cover and audio suggests is some sort of a cheesy 80s action movie.

Curtis and Viper 2 in 'The Last Of Us'

While it might seem like a throwaway line, The Last Of Us video game players might remember that this film has come up before in the franchise. While Ellie and her crush Dina are chatting in the early stages of The Last Of Us 2, Ellie mentions that her and Joel are planning on watching the film that evening, with her mentioning that he really loves the movie.

Of course, if you’ve played the game, you’ll know everyone’s favorite adopted father/daughter duo will never get to watch that film. The pair argue and Joel is brutally killed (not by Ellie) before they have the chance to sit down and watch it, as he did with Sarah. Just another heart-wrenching moment in a plot that’s absolutely packed with them.

The fictional movie franchise actually makes several appearances throughout the games, with Ellie also spotting a poster for the fourth movie along her journey. She points it out at the time as “Joel’s favorite film”. Excuse us while we sob.

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