This Mini Color Sensor Allows You to Capture Color From the Real World

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Have you ever seen some flowers in a shade that you loved, and wondered what that color might be called? Maybe you’d like to paint a room in your home that same shade, but how do you get the right color match? Enter the Nix Mini Color Sensor. With this sensor, you just scan any color you see and it’ll match it to a color in their library of 31,000+ brand name paint colors.

This super compact sensor fits on your keychain, and can scan any surface including painted walls, vinyl, leather, fabric, and much more. It then allows you to browse & match that color to leading paint brands like Sherwin Williams, Dulux, and etc.—making any design project much easier than if you were to try and color match on your own.

Expand the realm of possibilities for design with the Nix Mini Color Sensor today, for just $69.

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