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This Assault Rifle Is Made Of Baby, And We Want To Know Who’s Responsible

It looks like someone tore a baby apart and wrapped it around an assault rifle. The blood bag could mean it is still alive. The leash could mean it tried to escape. We have so many questions, but no one seems to have the answers.

This monstrosity had been making the rounds on the weirder corners of the Internet, and I’m sure you can see why. It’s so wrong on so many levels, and yet, strangely poetic. We want to know who made this, and what led to its creation. There has to be a story behind this, and I’m sure it wasn’t “I needed a stand for my assault rifle, and I thought hey, these baby arms fit just fine.”

So if you know from whence this thing was birthed, please let us know. A casual Google image search didn’t turn up much, so you may want to dedicate a bit more time to seeking this gun’s origin if you’re curious like we are.

(via Obvious Winner)

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