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This Congressman Is Trying to Teach Donald Trump What Words Mean

Good luck.

If you didn’t watch today’sU.S. House Intelligence Committee’s hearing of FBI Director James Comey, you saved yourself a four-hour headache and a boatload of sadness. A lot happened, but in short, well …

Basically, all of Trump’s claims that President Obama wiretapped him have been debunked, and we know that the FBI is investigating links between Russian election tampering and Trump and his team and supporters. Both of those things were confirmed by Comey, on the record.

At this point, the only person who refuses to give up the wiretap(p) story is Trump himself. He is so fixated on maintaining this persecution conspiracy falsehood that it’s become more important than anything else–like, say, finding out the truth about literally anything. He keeps tweeting out words that are actively destructive and dangerous to the country he’s been elected to run. But because words do matter, California Representative Adam Schiff (the ranking Democrat on the House Intelligence Committee) took it upon himself to teach Trump what words mean.

Here’s just one of Trump’s many, MANY tweets on the issue:

Let’s see if Schiff can give him some perspective.

Words. They have meaning. It’s a lesson so simple that it would fit right into an episode of Sesame Street. You know, if Trump weren’t trying to defund PBS.


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