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This ‘Anti-Woke’ Superhero Movie Made No Sense Even BEFORE It Was Conned Into Bankruptcy

Natasha saying it wasn't real in Black Widow

Superheroes stand for justice, peace, and doing the right thing. So, hearing someone say that they want to make a superhero that is “anti-woke” is … well … baffling. But it exists, and her name is “Rebel,” and she looks like she saw Wonder Woman’s iconic costume and thought to herself “Let me do this but make it racist,” and thus the “anti-woke” superhero movie from Vox Day was born. Or at least the idea and $1 million of crowdfunding was once born—until someone took the money and ran.

Wondering where the money went? So are the right-wingers behind the film. “I wouldn’t count on us getting the money back,” Theodore Beale said in a subscribers-only video, and it’s honestly really funny—mainly because Beale, who goes by Vox Day, has sided with Gamergate and continued to align himself with a hateful community, so making an “anti-woke” hero is right up his alley, and so are bad decisions.

Before we get into what happened with the project and the money that just disappeared, I’d first like to talk about the idea of an “anti-woke” hero and how it is messaging for the right-wing community who seem to be angry that they are “villains” in popular media. Maybe that should tell you something, my guy!

What does this even mean?!

When you think about a superhero, they’re the ones who are ready to stand for what is right, meaning that if a villain wanted to blow up the environment by pretending that climate change doesn’t exist, they’d step in and stop it. (And Republicans and those who hate the idea of being “woke” are the same ones ignoring the environment.)

But let’s, for a second, think about what it would mean to be anti-woke and be a superhero at the same time. It is, for the most part, just a hero who can discriminate and be sexist towards others and let a racist agenda fly freely, and that’s their idea of a “hero” in this world? You know what? Never mind. I forgot that those who are behind this ideology think that hate is fine to move their own agenda forward. I answered my own question.

The point being is that an ‘”anti-woke” hero is no hero at all. This is the right’s idea of what their hero would be, and it is oppression. That’s what it is, and so this is a Super Oppressionist. There you go!

No one is trying to “break up” your community. Your “community” sucks.

Now back to where all the money went.

Men's rights mean nothing but it's anti-woke hero version

So apparently, in the video, Beale alleged that someone made off with the money to “break our community”—that community being racist and sexists and bigots who wanted to make this movie a reality all rolled into one. Because I do not care what you think. If you back an “anti-woke” hero, you’re supporting all of those people who think that they somehow have more rights than someone else. So no, I don’t think someone wanted to “break up” a community for their views (which suck). I think they just got conned.

The Daily Beast broke down the money aspect of the story by highlighting that Beale’s supporters thought they were donating money to make a film. The money was supposed to be held in escrow until more money could be made for the film, written by “Vox Day” and Chuck Dixon. It even had a director in right-wing director Scooter Downey.

But now the money is gone (BYE!) and it is honestly hilarious. Do I feel bad that people lost their money for a gross film? Absolutely not. His fans call him “Supreme Dark Lord of the Evil Legion of Evil,” and they are his minions, so no, I do not feel bad.

What happened was apparently that Beale turned to a company called Ohana Capital Financial that is meant to help people get money who wouldn’t be able to otherwise. And as The Daily Beast reports, Beale has shown his racist flag (in the way he acts, what he’s said, and with a literal Confederate Flag on the bustier of Rebel) and made getting financing hard. Shocking.

Ohana was created by James Wolfgramm, and Beale gave them the $1 million raised by his “minions” to hold in escrow, and that’s now gone. HAHAHAHHA. If you want a full breakdown of the money and where it has gone, I definitely suggest reading the article from The Daily Beast but I am now going to just make fun of this guy some more because this is some GREAT karma.

Sorry you’ve made yourself the villain, bud

It’s so easy to see where these men went wrong, starting with the “minions” giving their money to a gross movie all the way up to Beale giving Wolfgramm the money. What it boils down to is white men who feel invincible just handing things over as if they are protected. The confidence that Beale had in that he’d a) get money and b) that Wolfgramm was going to just keep his million safe is truly and honestly so funny because it shows such a false sense of confidence, and it’s just … funny.

The takeaway from all of this is that an anti-woke superhero means nothing, and that if you spread hate in this world, karma will find great ways of getting you back. And that’s fine by me!

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