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Halloween 2—Yes, a Third One—Is in the Works

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As expected, due to both the financial and critical success of the Halloween reboot starring returning horror icon Jamie Lee Curtis, Halloween 2 (for the third time) is currently being prepped for a 2020 release, just in time for the scariest time of the year: election day.

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According to Collider’s reporting, “Jamie Lee Curtis is all but assured to return as Laurie Strode,” and “Judy Greer and Andi Matichak are expected to reprise their respective roles as Laurie’s daughter and granddaughter, though talent deals have yet to close.” Also, importantly, David Gordon Green, who cowrote the script and served as director for the initial reboot, is also expected to return.

I’m not at all surprised that this happened, because no one keeps a potential horror franchise in a corner, and if we could really get rid of Michael Myers for good, what fun would that be? Still, this means we’ll have a third version of Halloween 2, and a whole new series timeline. Before this reboot, the last time Jamie Lee Curtis joined on for one of these movies, it was with the condition that her character would be killed off, and having watched Halloween: Resurrection, it was a wise choice.

With eleven movies in the franchise, there is no denying that there’s something about Halloween that has made it one of the better horror series despite having gone on for so long. I hope that, whatever comes next, it can keep up the atmosphere of the remake and original—and also include more “good” characters that we get to watch die and a little bit more focus on Laurie and her familial bonds. While I’m not a fan of movies like Hereditary or A Quiet Place, I think they do a good job of recognizing that having a strong interpersonal element between the leads is key to carrying a horror movie forward. When you want characters to live because you really care about them and their relationships, it ratchets up the tension and creates a real sense of anxiety.

Halloween 2018 got that mostly right, but if there was a big complaint from other people, it was that there should have been more development between Laurie, Karen, and Allyson, especially because Judy Greer is a national treasure and we just want more from her.

As of this writing, Blumhouse had no comment on any speculation about what’ll happen in the sequel, but as long as Jamie Lee Curtis is coming back, that’s more than enough for me.

How long do you think Blumhouse will milk the franchise before fans can no longer take it?

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