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Things We Saw Today: Dressing Like a Dalek is Dressing for Success

Things We Saw Today

Do you constantly feel a void in your life? Do you feel that void could be avoided by dressing as an extraterrestrial cyborg mutant? Then this dress is for you! (At Global Geek News)

An endearing interview with The Muppets writer Nicholas Stoller. Excerpt (At Slash Film):

We wanted to do a complete return to those first movies and to The Muppet Show. From the beginning we wanted to have that tone. When you watch The Muppet Movie, it hasn’t aged at all. It could have been made yesterday. It feels like an episode of The Simpsons in a weird way, without any cynicism. I would say that’s the only difference. It’s pretty amazing. Most things from 1980 feel like they’re from 1980. [laughs] It just doesn’t. It feels really present. So we really wanted to do that and be really self-referential. But also have that heart and that sweetness that those original movies had.

X-Men comic Generation Hope #9 will reportedly feature stories about teenage gay suicides, based on the recent prominent news stories and public awareness campaigns. Their (completely reasonable) reasoning (At Bleeding Cool):

It’s not the type of story that fits in any other major superhero book. It’s simply not what those books are about. But the X-Men? X-Men is a book about mutants, used as a metaphor about prejudice. And of the X-Men books, Generation Hope is fundamentally about new mutants trying to survive dealing with the fact they’re mutants. With the metaphor in place, you can not just do a story about it – I dare say you should tell a story about it. In a real way, it’s the sort of story Generation Hope exists to tell. If we can’t tell this story and tell it as well as we can, the book may as well not exist.

Another piece of Powers casting news: Jason Patric (The Lost Boys) is in talks to star as the veteran homicide detective. (At Spinoff)

Palm Springs Art Museum just opened an exhibition examining Native American artists and comic art. The exhibit “”features 49 works and examines how storytelling, an essential element of Native American culture, has been used in comics and comic-inspired art to express the contemporary Native American experience.”(At USA Today)

Carry a piece of your Xbox with you all the time with these Xbox controller earrings. (At So Geek Chic)

Once again proving that Oregonians win at life, an amateur astronomer in Oregon has created a Tardis-style protective shell around his telescope. (At Discover Magazine)

Keep gaming really close to your heart with this NES controller bra. (At I Heart Chaos)

Watch the chiptune version of the Game of Thrones theme song. (At Matter Anti-Matter)

And awesome DeviantArtist *Yllya introduced us illustrated the ABCs of geekdom. (At DeviantArt)

And it is geeky in all the best ways.

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