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Things We Saw Today: We Have Lost the Green Ranger

Jason David Frank as the Green Ranger

In heartbreaking news, Jason David Frank, the original Green Power Ranger (and subsequently White Ranger) passed away this morning. According to reports from TMZ and Facebook posts from people close to him and his family, he took his own life. Millennials and Gen Z have been mourning the loss of one of their earliest childhood heroes today. Remembering their favorite Power Rangers episodes and celebrating a fallen icon. Rest in peace, Jason David Frank. We will miss you. – TMZ

Transgender flags fluttering in the wind at International Transgender Day of Visibility.

It is also Transgender Day of Remembrance which is always a somber time for reflection and remembering those in our community that we have lost to violence and suicide. It hits especially today after Club Q, an LGBTQ bar and safe space, was attacked last night. The shooter, Anderson Lee Aldrich, murdered five people and wounded eighteen others. Hug your friends and chosen family and tell them that you love them. Those that have been lost will always rest in power. – CNN

For your daily dose of WTFery, please look at this pie chart that has Twitter up in arms. Please look at the bottom row. Please answer me this, what the HELL is “moosemeat pie.” I feel like Canadians are to blame for this somehow. Also they left the best pie, Blackberry Pie, off the list entirely so the whole thing is a sham!

Winston Duke, star of Black Panther: Wakanda Forever, delighted anime fans by revealing that he too is a confirmed weeb. There was much rejoicing.

And finally, Peter Weir, the director of classics like Dead Poets Society, Witness, and The Truman Show, was awarded an honorary Oscar at this year’s Governor’s Awards. Oh captain, my captain! It is about damn time.

(Image: 20th Century Fox)

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