Screengrab of an Uma Thurman interview with Access Hollywood

Things We Saw Today: Uma Thurman’s Barely Restrained Rage About Pervasive Sexual Assault

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Asked about the recent flood of sexual assault and sexual harassment allegations, Uma Thurman gave the above response. “I have learned that, when I’ve spoken in anger, I usually regret the way I express myself,” she said, “So I’ve been waiting … to feel less angry.”

I’m grateful to and in awe of all the women and men who’ve spoken up, but Thurman’s fury here is also painfully relatable. Every woman knows what it’s like to swallow your anger, or rephrase your argument so that men don’t call you “crazy” or “emotional.” And we all know what it’s like to be so overwhelmed by the sheer weight of a wrong that you can’t say anything useful or newsworthy; all you’ve got is a howl, and so you hold it in until you can somehow, Herculean, make eloquence out of your anger.

  • Taika Waititi was originally going to include a John Hughes-style flashback in Thor: Ragnarok in which Thor had a mullet and Loki was “this little emo goth hanging out by himself.” (via io9)
  • This Clickhole satire about Joe Ricketts’ deplorable treatment of the Gothamist/DNAInfo staff is a seriously savage critique of billionaire media control.
  • The cultural appropriation panel at World Fantasy Con did not go well. Rebecca Kuang, the only person of color on the panel, has a summary and some really illuminating thoughts about representation in publishing in the below thread.

  • The latest Overwatch animated short covers the backstory of Reinhardt, and it’s just as moving as the others. When is someone going to give these people the money for a full-length movie? (via Nerdist)

  • The Justice League clips are coming in fast, so here’s one featuring a good look at Steppenwolf. Justice League arrives in theaters on November 17, 2017. (via io9)

That’s all I’ve got! What did all of you see today?

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