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Things We Saw Today: Tiffany Haddish Is Winning at Life


Tiffany Haddish’s star has been on a continued rise since her amazing role in Girls Trip the amazing comedy that if you didn’t see, you better get that digital download, girl. She is about to host SNL on November 11th and just today released an amazing PSA about the importance of washing your hands. The video is not able to be embedded anymore, but we’ve linked to it here. Not only is Haddish pitch perfect in her timing, but just thinking about all the times you’ve seen people in the bathroom not wash their hands and wishing you could have said half of these things.

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Some of my favorite out of context-quotes are:

“Looking like Jon Snow’s thick cousin.”

“This is your inner sister girl.”

“I bet you didn’t know your conscience was urban?”

“I might eat off dem hands.”

“Please world wash your hands.” (via The Hollywood Reporter)

  • Everyone’s favorite zaddy Mark Hamill speaks on his return to Star Wars and the franchise that started it all for him. (via CBR)
  • Lin-Manuel Miranda speaks on musical inspirations for Moana and connections to The Kingkiller Chronicles as only he can. (via Vulture)
  • Another season of Gotham another Poison Ivy, as Peyton List takes on the role in the 3rd stage of…Ivy Pepper’s journey from girl to sex symbol. (via Nerdist)

Have you found your tribe today?


(image: Kathy Hutchins /, tumblr)

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