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Things We Saw Today: The Princess of Pop Came Through Like a Real-Life Fairy Godmother

Lizzo rumors

Writer and organizer Aurielle Marie is having a hell of a year in the best way possible. After winning a Lambda Literary Award for Bisexual Poetry and Georgia Author of the Year Award (both for their book Gumbo Ya Ya), they were named one of Out Magazines‘ 2022 Out100. This book of poetry delves into race, gender, desire, and violence for the lives of Black women and gender non-conforming people. With such a prestigious gala to attend and limited options as a fat, Black woman in the South, Marie put out a call to someone that understands the struggle of dressing up with their body type—princess of pop Lizzo.

@auriellebewritin #greenscreenvideo #greenscreen 10 years of grinding, perfecting my craft, and betting on me, and Y’ALL THEY JUST TOLD ME IM ONE OF THE #OUT100 ♬ original sound – Aurielle Marie

See TikTok here, too.

Specifically, Marie made a TikTok asking to borrow the red, tulle Giambattista Valli dress Lizzo wore at the Emmy Awards a few weeks earlier—a dress, by the way, that Lizzo wore when she won the Emmy for her show Lizzo’s Watch Out for the Big Grrrls in the Outstanding Reality-Competition Program. Lizzo has many fabulous gowns she’s donned, but this is definitely one of the best. Today. Marie provided an update, and while they didn’t get that exact dress, Lizzo did lend them another dress and sent a seamstress to make sure that it was tailored to Marie’s body. The dress sent was the magenta tulle dress Lizzo wore at the 2019 American Music Awards.

@auriellebewritin Replying to @noirediamonds i might’ve gotten a few tears on your dress @lizzo, my bad babe! Words dont suffice, and thank you isnt enough. But THANK YOU! I’m speechless. Y’all! A bitch is certified LIZZO SIZED!!!!!! And LOOK AT THIS GOWN! @Out Magazine here i come! #fyp #foryou #lizzo ♬ 2 Be Loved (Am I Ready) – Lizzo

See TikTok here, too.

In a followup TikTok, Maire clarified, “whenever you hear me say ‘the dress’ from now on, know that I’m talking about Lizzo’s dress and not my wedding dress.” Like Marie expressed in their earlier video, plus-size fashion is hard to find, let alone something to the prestige of a moment that includes a national award and is red carpet-ready. This just goes on to show that while she lives-rent free in the minds of her haters, Lizzo is having fun and has always been for the grrrls!

I can’t wait to see what Marie looks like with her look all pulled together!

(via TikTok/Twitter, featured image: screencap)

Here are some other bits of news out there:

  • While the official YouTube account on Twitter tries to celebrate #TransWeekofAwareness, users drag them to hell and back for platforming the most famous transphobes on the internet, like Matt Walsh and others at The Daily Wire. (via Twitter)
  • The Joy Luck Club is getting a sequel 30 years later. (via Refinery29)
  • Tesla Gigafactory faces accusations of wage theft and fake OSHA certifications. (via Texas Observer)
  • HBO’s adaptation of Viet Thanh Nguyen’s The Sympathizer gets its main cast!!! (via The Hollywood Reporter)
  • 48,000 workers at the University of California strike for a livable wage, making this movement the largest strike since 2019. (via The Washington Post)

What did you see online today, Mary Suevians?

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