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Things We Saw Today: Why Can’t This Fake John Oliver/James Van Der Beek Podcast About Iranian Politics Be Real?

John Oliver has found some interesting ways to get across complex information. Like the “Catheter Cowboy” commercials he buys airtime for in an attempt to get Donald Trump to listen to reason. In last night’s episode of Last Week Tonight, Oliver delved into the Iran Nuclear Deal, aka the next way Trump might try to murder us all. He laid out a very basic history of the relationship between Iran and the U.S., making it clear that this is a “ludicrously brief recap.” Given the depth of that history, that’s all he had time for. Of course, he also had time for a gag imagining a fake podcast about Iran, co-hosted by James Van Der Beek. And honestly, the time spent on this bit was beyond worth it, and now I’m very sad that this doesn’t actually exist.

As Oliver says, “If you didn’t think that James Van Der Beek was an expert in Iranian history, you need to expand your expectations of what people are capable of.”

Watch the clip of that unfortunately made-up podcast, “Talking’ Tehran” below. (And maybe stick around to learn a bit more about Iran/U.S. relations while you’re at it.)

What did you all see out there on this (ugh) Monday?

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