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Things We Saw Today: Stay on Target With the X-Wing Knife Block

May the fork be with you!

xwing knife block

Tired of dicing womp rats with your T-16 cutlery back at home? Good. You’re ready for the big leagues now, kid. Just remember, these are not for stabbing! Don’t go using ’em for Alderaan reasons. (via

  • This 17-year-old girl struck out several major league baseball players while pitching the other day, and already has offers to play professionally in Japan. We await the feel-good family film that will one day be made in her honor. (via CraveOnline)
  • From Uproxxx, we’ve got expanded universe characters from Star Wars who will never, ever make it into the new movies. Sorry, Mount Sorrow. Try not to feel too sad about it.


That’s no moon! It’s a ballgown from designer Ana Locking‘s Fall/Winter 2014-15 collection. (via BoingBoing)

  • Wired News thinks that cloud computing might actually be a better bet to save the planet than electric cars will be. Take that, Nikola Tesla! Or… wait, don’t. We’re sorry. We still like you.
  • Like having a nice breeze ’round your collarbone but don’t think V-necks are pretentious enough for you? Try a “blunt neck.” So majestic. (via Racked)

maisie williams

The above image macro of baby Maisie Williams was posted to Instagram by… Game of Throne‘s Maisie Williams herself. Bravo, girl. (via Nerd Approved)

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