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Things We Saw Today: The Reactions to Trump’s Attempts to Legislate Transgender People Out of Existence Were Swift and Brutal

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This weekend, it was announced that the Trump administration is eyeing a total overhaul of the way we define sex and gender identity, specifically planning to limit those definitions to a label given at birth and determined by genitalia. It is the practical application of many of our worst fears from when Trump was first elected. If you or anyone in your life was on team “It Doesn’t Matter Who’s President” of “What’s the Worst He Can Do,” this is it. This is the worst. (Or one of the many worst.)

There are a lot of issues to be had with Twitter, but in times like these, I can’t help but be grateful for its existence. Because if this had happened a few years ago, it’s likely that it would have gone largely unnoticed by all but those directly affected. Now, people are exposed to information and other’s opinions in a way that was never the case before. Obviously, the importance of protesting, voting, running for office, and other tangible reactions are of the utmost importance. But it’s also really nice to see thousands upon thousands of people, both cis and trans, just expressing their rage.

If you’re looking for ways to directly support trans people right now, here’s a great first resource:

Here’s a list of even more organizations we can support.

  • Guillermo Del Toro’s long-awaited Pinocchio adaptation is still happening, and it’s coming to Netflix as a stop-motion animation. (via Deadline)
  • Sir Quentin Blake–whom you likely know from illustrating Roald Dahl’s novels–has a fantastic series of illustrations of famous scientists. (via BBC)
  • Oh, this is an emotional tweet:

  • So is this, but different emotions!

  • Here it is: Your complete guide to Easter Eggs and Marvel Universe references in Daredevil season 3. (via Den of Geek)
  • Don’t panic, but you should probably check out this Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy giveaway contest. (via The Portalist)
  • Still don’t understand why it’s so important to let Black people tell their own stories? Here it is in 90 seconds.

It’s still somehow only Monday but I’m happy to be here with you all!

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