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Things We Saw Today: Principle Photography Began on The Dark Knight Rises

Things We Saw Today


And somebody has already made an incredibly (admittedly!) boring unofficial set video. According to DCWomenKickingAss, we should see TDKR viral marketing start up any day now.

Next, an item that may be relevant to certain interests.

Yes, it’s a flogger made from ethernet cables. Unfortunately, it doesn’t appear to be showing up on Paleopunk’s Etsy product page anymore, perhaps someone has already snapped it up. Seen at Geeks are Sexy.

Equally unfortunate, this set of manga inspired dishware (of which this is just a sample) was never on the market to begin with, it was simply Mika Tsutai’s graduate project, which we saw at Laughing Squid.

I would watch the hell out of this show. In fact, I’ve been saying they should make this for like a year now, Comics Alliance.

Hubble worked with the 100-inch diameter reflector in California on Mount Wilson, where women astronomers were unwelcome. After World War II—when the 200-inch telescope on Palomar Mountain succeeded the Mount Wilson instrument as the largest telescope in the world—women observers again were banned.  The “telescope-glass ceiling” wasn’t broken until the mid-1960s. The first woman invited to observe at Palomar, Vera Rubin, went on to collect convincing evidence (at other observatories) for one of the most important breakthroughs in modern cosmology: the existence of the still-unexplained “dark matter” that abounds throughout the universe.

More than 40 years have passed since Rubin’s famous discovery. Now in her early 80s, she remains an active researcher; and women now have regular access to the instruments of forefront research.

Jane Foster in Thor prompts a meditation on the struggles of women astronomers at the US News and World Report.

And finally, some adorable curves at Geekosystem.

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