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Things We Saw Today: Please Listen to James Gunn and Watch Harley Quinn Immediately

Harley Quinn and Poison Ivy have a heart to heart talk.

As DC comics saw its staff recently gutted and the future of its streaming site DC Universe looks uncertain, fans of the animated Harley Quinn have been anxiously waiting to hear what will be happening with the show. It was recently made available on HBO Max, which seemed like a good sign that the powers that be recognize it’s a popular property and one worth holding onto. But apparently not even Harley Quinn’s showrunner knows if that will be the case.

Wednesday evening, Guardians of the Galaxy writer/director James Gunn tweeted about his dog who, he says, “barks at any animal that comes on TV. Including this animated hyena on @dcharleyquinn. The hyena is a still image,” adding, “Show is great btw.”

Harley Quinn’s showrunner Patrick Schumacker replied by thanking Gunn for the shoutout and for “amplifying the show.” Which apparently is necessary, as he says he has “no idea” whether or not a season three is coming.

Gunn, in turn, amplified the show even more, encouraging his followers to watch it post-haste.

I know everything in the entertainment industry is on hold or up in the air right now but if Harley Quinn doesn’t get picked up it will be a huge loss. Not only is it a brilliant show, but–without spoilers–the ending of season two set the show up to go in a direction that, if they end up not following through on, will be so infuriating.

So listen to James Gunn and watch Harley Quinn! (via Uproxx)

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  • Question of the day:

Happy almost Friday!

(image: DC Universe)
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