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Things We Saw Today: We Want to Know Everything About Pedro Pascal’s Role in Wonder Woman 1984

Gal Gadot and Pedro Pascal in Wonder Woman 1984

***Possible Wonder Woman 1984 spoilers below***

An interesting rumor regarding Pedro Pascal’s part in Wonder Woman 1984 only makes us need more.

Listen, friends, Pedro Pascal could spend Wonder Woman standing in the corner and reading the dictionary out loud and I would still be happy about it, but chances are we’re going to see him do a whole lot more.

CBR reports on a rumor from a source who’s proven reliable with DCEU information in the past: Pascal could be playing “a God in disguise.” This wouldn’t be new, since we saw that scheme play out with David Thewlis’ Ares in the first movie, but I’d like to imagine that the filmmakers wouldn’t go the same route and have Pascal be another evil divine relative reveal.

Would they? The same source also insinuates that Pascal could be playing a villain. (He just played a hidden villain in Kingsman: The Golden Circle—so unless Pascal has been typecast across the board, I’m going to maintain skepticism about villainy for now.)

Fans on social media quickly jumped to the assumption that Pascal could be playing Hades, while some suggested he could be DC’s Doctor Fate, to help introduce a larger roster of heroes in the DC Extended Universe.

Considering that the insider claims that Steve Trevor is the real Steve Trevor and is not, in fact, a God in disguise as Steve Trevor, I can see why fans assumed Pascal might be playing Diana’s uncle Hades. Fighting—or persuading—the God of the Underworld to restore Steve in some capacity could be compelling. The powerful superhero sorcerer Doctor Fate is an interesting guess as well and would represent a direct counterpoint to Marvel’s embarkation into the mystic with Doctor Strange.

It’s very early, so all rumors have to be taken with many grains of salt, but we’re just glad Pedro Pascal is on board. Pascal is a talented actor (Kingsman: The Golden Circle, Narcos, Game of Thrones) who has specialized in playing characters of ambiguous morality or straight-up baddies. Onscreen he’s winking, sly, and imminently watchable, and we can’t wait to see where he’s going in Wonder Woman 1984.

Who do you think Pascal could be playing?

(via, image: Warner Bros./HBO)

  • Speaking of Wonder Woman 1984, Gal Gadot tweeted a gorgeous picture of Diana in her 1984 costume. Tag, you’re it, Marvel. Wonder Woman is killing the PR game.

  • For your tiny Marvel tidbits, Samuel L. Jackson talks Carol Danvers being important going forward and how dedicated Brie Larson is in the role. (via Uproxx)
  • At the Louvre with Jay-Z and Beyonce. (via Vulture)
  • “Trump and the Baby Snatchers.” (via The New York Times)

What’d you spot, folks?

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