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Things We Saw Today: Netflix Digs Into The Myths That Inspired Lucifer

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In case you didn’t notice we love Lucifer. Well, the version of him on Netflix that solves crimes and looks dashing doing it. The actual devil?  He’s more complicated. In fact the devil and other dark and dangerous gods have been a part of mythology for centuries and a new twenty-minute featurette from Netflix digs into all the different mythological influences on our own Lucifer Morningstar.

I love this, especially since there are a few influences here that didn’t occur to me. Sure, I would easily rank Lucifer among the celestial rebels and tempters but, I would immediately have categorized him as a trickster or as a dark mirror, but he certainly is. Comparing Lucifer to Loki? Yeah it turns out I (and a whole lot of folks) might have a very specific type when it comes to our antihero crushes and favorite myths.

Anytime I get to learn about myths, I love it, and it’s always fun to remember that much of our conception of Lucifer comes from popular culture, even that of the middle ages, rather than just from the Bible. Lucifer himself would probably remind us that he hates that whole goat thing …

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Here are a few other things we saw today:

Stay safe out there, Suvians.


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