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Today We Saw: The Napoleon Dynamite Cartoon

Things We Saw Today

Fox announced its new primetime lineup, and a Napoleon Dynamite cartoon was on the schedule! It starts mid-season, Sunday nights at 8:30 PM Eastern Time. It’ll only be your favorite cartoon ever. (At AV Club)

These are the two posters for The Adventures of Tintin, which will also be released in 3D, which will do wonders for the hair flip. Every single person making it is awesome, by the way: Peter Jackson and Steven Spielberg are directing, Stephen Moffat, Edgar Wright, and Joe Cornish are writing the script, and Jamie Bell, Andy Serkis, Simon Pegg, Nick Frost, and Daniel Craig are the voice talent. (At The Daily What)

Today was the launch of Endeavour, the last flight for the space shuttle, the second-to-last planned shuttle launch ever, and to celebrate that, mental_floss has a great feature on the first woman (who also happened to be the youngest American) to fly into space, Sally Ride.

Journalist Michael Ryan recounted some of the sillier questions that had been posed to Ride in a June 1983 profile for People. Among the highlights:

Q: “Will the flight affect your reproductive organs?”
A: “There’s no evidence of that.”

Q: “Do you weep when things go wrong on the job?”
A: “How come nobody ever asks (a male fellow astronaut) those questions?”

Forget going into space; Ride’s most impressive achievement might have been maintaining her composure in the face of such offensive questions.

Here is a picture of Gerard Depardieu, on the set of the Asterix film. He will be playing Obelix. (At Comic Book Resources)

An image for the Star Wars complete Blu-Ray set was released and … it’s more about little Annie Skywalker than anything else. Because we loved that little scamp. So. Very. Much … Who are the ad wizards who came up with this one? (At Topless Robot)

An adorable version of a dynamic trio. (At Splinister)

JT Fridsma has made it possible for Lord of the Rings fans to follow the journey through Middle Earth by taking five and a half months of his life to create this intricate, elaborate infographic. Because someone had to. Thank you, JT Fridsma! (At Blastr)

Over at Bitch, Jarrah Hodge has written about the best ways to make your next game of Dungeons & Dragons more feminist-friendly including disregarding much of the D&D artwork (with the super-hunk men and delicate flower women) as well as allowing more time for character development:

The last time I played D&D I created a Swashbuckler-class, bisexual, Irish pirate called Megan O’Malley. But because I started part-way through the campaign, there wasn’t time given for me to build her back story into the plot. I definitely felt like it hampered my ability to get across how kick-ass she was. If you don’t give time for players to role-play their characters and you end up focusing too much on fighting as many battles as possible, you usually end up just assuming the characters are heterosexual and white or the same race as the player.

And finally, I’ll bet you were wondering what The Evil Dead was called in Japan. The answer: Captain Supermarket. “Shop smart. Shop S-Mart.” More oddly translated titles at Shortlist.

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