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Things We Saw Today: The Joker/Harley Quinn Movie Is A Mix Of Bad Santa And This Is Us

Honestly that's the worst description they could've possibly given us.
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Show of hands, who actually wants a Joker/Harley Quinn movie that isn’t about Harley killing him and then eloping with Poison Ivy?

Well, it looks like we’re getting that standalone any way, despite there also being a Joker origin film starring Joaquin Phoenix. Jared Leto and Margot Robbie will be reprising their Suicide Squad roles in a film written by Glenn Ficarra and John Requa, who have described the film as a cross between Bad Santa and This Is Us, which are two properties I never really thought would be meshed together in any shape or form.

“It was sort of like, we wrote Bad Santa a couple of years ago, and it was that sensibility mixed with our This Is Us sensibility. We kind of meshed them together,” Ficarra told The Metro. “We were doing a relationship movie but with the sensibility of a Bad Santa.” The film reportedly opens with Harley kidnapping Dr. Phil because she and Joker need to work out the problems in their relationship (here’s a solution: dump that loser and date Poison Ivy, Harley!).

Well, it certainly sounds like some kind of movie. Hopefully it’ll be better than the This Is Us inspired Life Itself. But given the subject material, that might be asking for a bit much.

(via IndieWire; Image: DC/Warner Bros)

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