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Things We Saw Today: Jock’s Terrifying Joker Cover

Things We Saw Today

(At Comic Book Resources)

Here are the most revelatory two snippets of DCU reboot news we’ve heard today:

Batgirl #1 and Nightwing #1 are two of the 52. Batgirl will be about Barbara Gordon, the first Batgirl… but she will be Batgirl, not Oracle, and won’t be disabled, erasing a quarter century of history on one of the DCU’s most prominent female characters and one of the setting’s only disabled superheros. (And also meaning no Cassandra Cain or Stephanie Brown as Batgirl.)

I’m crossing my fingers that Nightwing is actually Dick Grayson and not some base imitator. I might grudgingly accept Cassandra Cain as Nightwing, though. In this case my inner teenager will be doing the grudging, due to its crush on Dick Grayson and his Nightwing mullet.

Second, according to Bleeding Cool, there’s been a editorial edict at DC that its female heroines must cover up, specifically their legs.

I understand that there is an editorial edict for the DC Comics superlaunch that their female superheroes wear more… practical clothing. So Wonder Woman gets to keep her trousers. But the likes of Supergirl will be redesigned so they aren’t running around in a little skirt flashing their panties at every available opportunity either. Female superhero characters will have their legs covered.

If true, than hoo-freakin-ray. I am 100% in favor of practical clothing for superheroes of all genders. Armor, if you’re not invulnerable. Pants, if you spend a lot of time in the air, you know, where people could look up your skirt. Boots (with no heel), padded gloves, pockets. Sports bras. Because aerobic activity happens on patrol. Punching hurts. It rains. It gets cold. And even if you’ve got Bruce Banner’s blood in your veins, you need somewhere to put your keys and cash.

End DC Universe Reboot News.

Peggy Carter gets her own poster for Captain America, along with Cap and the Red Skull. (At Bleeding Cool)

The tiniest heroes, in search of truth, justice, and the most awesome candy stash ever. (From Flickr user Jake204 via Diary of a Death Starlette)

The Hunger Games, a trilogy, will take a cue from Twilight and the Harry Potter series and spread the story out a bit to make four movies instead of three, says Lionsgate of its “highest-selling film ever” at Cannes. (At AV Club)

Do you think she said “yes” …for science? (At So Geek Chic)

The Muppets really, truly are coming back — and so is their Pez! (At Tough Pigs)

Endeavour made its final landing last night:

On its last mission, Endeavour traveled over 10 million km (6.5 million miles) and the mission lasted for 15 days, 17 hours, 38 minutes, and 51 seconds.

(At Discover)

Merlin would like to add that any sorcery involving bodily chasms unaccustomed to “magical activity” are not necessarily out of the question. (At I Heart Chaos)

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