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Things We Saw Today: Janet Jackson Receives Awards, but Also Deserves Apologies

Since it was revealed that Janet Jackson’s career was purposefully hindered by the influence of the now-disgraced CBS chairman Leslie Moonves, one of music’s greatest living female icons has been getting the awards she so rightfully deserves. Last night at the MTV EMAs, Jackson was presented with The Global Icon Award in Bilbao, Spain. The award recognized, says MTV, that “her incredible artistry has opened doors for countless others while leaving an indelible impact on pop culture.”

At the ceremony, Jackson delivered a fantastic speech.

“To be called an icon is a tremendous honor, but one that comes with a tremendous responsibility,” Jackson said, according to The Washington Post. “Tonight, I feel moved to speak for women’s voices who have been stifled. I am one of those women. Women who have been gagged, both literally and emotionally. Women who have been abused. Women who have been intimidated. Women who have lived in fear. I stand with you. You are my sisters.”

This is great, and while I am elated that people are collectively standing behind Ms. Jackson, it doesn’t erase the fact that her career was purposefully stalled by a man who felt she didn’t properly grovel to him. Leslie Moonves is the one who should be apologizing now.

(via WaPo, image: Carlos Alvarez/Getty Images for MTV)

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Oh wow, it’s Monday. Hail Garfield.

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