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Things We Saw Today: Handy Dating Tips for the Worst Men on the Internet

We’re big fans of BBC Two’s Rachel Parris. In the past, she’s offered solid and hilarious advice on how not to sexually harass people (turns out, it’s not that hard!) and a takedown of those damn millennials and our incessant requests that we not tolerate oppression.

Parris is back and she’s taking on incels, or “involuntary celibates,” those angry men on the internet demanding women “fuck [them] or fuck off.” Parris has some tips for these trolls, since she’s sure (she’s not sure) that all they want is a genuine human connection with another person.

Giving self-proclaimed incels the unearned and undeserving benefit of the doubt that this is what they’re after, Parris has some great advice, starting with “If you want someone to like you, it’s probably worth being friendly and trying to find some common ground with them, rather than going on about how much you hate them.” Just a thought!

Other tips: Stop assuming all women want to have sex with Donald Trump (we really, really don’t!) and don’t fear the empowerment of women. Solid advice all around!

That’s everything we saw today! Everything at all! We definitely didn’t see anything that might ruin Mario Kart for us forever!

(image: screencap, BBC Two)

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