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Things We Saw Today: How To Make Your Own Light-Up Wizard Wand for $10

Things We Saw Today

Only four days to do it! Plenty of time. Just please remember to turn off all wands and silence any familiars before the movie starts. (via So Geek Chic.)

Richard Dawkins lowers our high opinion of him by sticking his hand into a metaphorical wasp nest, and then not equitting himself in the greatest of ways in getting his hand out of it. The Atlantic Wire has a very comprehensive breakdown of the comment “war” between him and well-known feminist skeptic Rebecca Watson:

Dawkins has every right to dismiss Watson’s story and to argue that she was not in a high risk situation. But his attempt to prove how insignificant Watson’s story was by comparing it with the much worse scenario of a Muslim woman’s daily life hurts his argument. The fact that something worse is going on somewhere else does not diminish whatever may be happening here. Also, as Watson points out, Dawkins is admired widely for work criticizing creationism and denouncing the use of religion as an excuse for repressing women in particular. To defend only some women from misogyny and not all, she and others argue, is hypocrtical.

Hmm. I do have a lot of bare space on my walls… (Geekosystem)

This is a lego bike helmet. There are no more words. (Geeks Are Sexy)

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