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Things We Saw Today: Danny & Lucy DeVito’s Hellish Animated Comedy

A family dynamic from hell.

Little Demon poster. Image: FX on Hulu.

All you have to say is Danny DeVito, and you will have the attention of a good chunk of The Mary Sue writers. So, I was already sold learning he was in a new project, let alone that Lucy DeVito, his daughter, and Abrey Plaza are co-starring. A few weeks back, FX on Hulu dropped a trailer for their new animated series Little Demon and the ratings for the first few episodes rival Lord of the Rings: Rings of Power and House of the Dragon.

Executive produced by Dan Harmon, the animated show follows middle schooler Chrissy (Lucy) navigating growing up and also the fact that her mother’s a human (Plaza) and her father (Danny) is literally Satan. While Chrissy’s mother doesn’t want her anyone near her father from hell, her father is looking to connect and take over the world. While animated by Atomic Cartoons (creators of Courage the Cowardly Dog, Max & Ruby, and Atomic Betty), this is actually the studio’s first adult animated project.

Other parts of the main cast include Lennon Parham (Veep), Eugene Cordero (Loki), and Michael Shannon (The Shape of Water). The DeVitos have worked on several projects before, but this is the first time they’ll work long-term on a TV show playing daughter and father. Lucy told The Washington Post:

You know, we can finish each other’s sentences and we can read each other very well and get to these heightened emotional points in the way that only family members can. And so it was really cool to be able to just bring that into the work.

With the exception of Little Nicky (2000) and campy horror movies, this dynamic of Satan and kid over the age of six is very underplayed in the realm of comedy. I’m not only happy to see it but happy to see it with all the talented cast on board. The first three episodes are available to stream now, and it may just scratch that paranormal itch since What We Do in the Shadows season four just ended and more spooky stuff doesn’t come until October.

(via The Washington Post, featured image: FX on Hulu)

Here are some other bits of news out there:

  • California passes a law requiring wage and salary transparency in job postings — now awaits Newson’s signature. (via Bloomberg)
  • Mother of trans daughter, Avery, made famous by National Geographic, opens up to years of Kiwi Farms doxxing now that Cloudflare finally dropped the hateful group. (via Twitter)
  • Season Two of Peacock’s Bel-Air begins filming. (via showrunner Rasheed Newson)
  • First Black woman to puppeteer on Sesame Street has been training for this since childhood. (via Because of Them We Can)
  • A Jan. 6-style attack may happen in Brazil soon, and once again, Facebook/Meta is doing nothing to prevent this. (via TIME Magazine)

What did you see online today?

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