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Things We Saw Today: The Internet Has Decided! The Very Worst Fans Belong to Elon Musk

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All week, we’ve been following this online tournament to determine which property or person has the very worst fanbase, and now the internet has finally declared a winner: Elon Musk.

Congratulations, Muskrats! (Or whatever you’re called.) You are the official worst!

Musk likely won because no matter what he does–including praising an actual sex cult as the last bastion of fair media or calling a heroic cave diver a “pedo” after the man who helped save the trapped Thai boys’ soccer team and their captain last month criticized Musk’s submarine–his fans will respond not with defense, but with vicious attacks.

I had predicted that the race would come down to Musk and Rick & Morty, and indeed it did. Michelle Spies, the writer behind the brackets, acknowledged that she made a mistake in leaving out Star Wars, and it would have been interesting to see how things would have shaken out if the franchise had been included. I guess we’ll have to wait until next year.

Happy Super-Friday! I wish a very happy long weekend to those of you who get one and commiseration to those who don’t.

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