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Things We Saw Today: An Exclusive Cover of Betty and Veronica Double Digest #215

Things We Saw Today


Gisèle Lagacé is the lady behind this cover of Betty and Veronica Double Digest, out this August.

When Veronica insists Betty get a makeover at the mall, Betty ends up loving her new look—but not the price tag that comes with it! Can she manage to stay beautiful on a budget? And what will Archie think of her new style? The answer is sealed with a kiss in “Lip Lock”!

Script: Kathleen Webb
Art: Jeff Shultz, Henry Scarpelli, and Vickie Williams
Cover:  Gisele, Tito Peña

  • John Green fans, Ansel Elgort is your movie!Gus. (The Frisky)
  • Some of the folks behind Mass Effect were talking about spinoffs and mentioned Kai Leng and I laughed and laughed. But no seriously, they think Garrus is actually the most likely contender. (Digital Spy)

This Game of Thrones watch costs ten and a half thousand dollars. But it’s called “The Night’s Watch.” So. You’re paying for that pun. Whether as penance, or for its use, I cannot say. (Vanity Fair)

And in conclusion: Don’t touch Lola.

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