Things We Saw Today: A Life-Sized Downton Abbey Dowager Countess Cake Shaped Like Maggie Smith

I feel bad for wanting to eat it?

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This cake was made by cake and chocolate artist Karen Portaleo for the Downton Abbey Season 5 premiere party. It took 18 hours to make. May there be many more Maggie Smith cakes and statues to come. For real, though, that cake was EPIC. (via Jezebel)

  • Dreamworks has new co-presidents of feature animation. (via Deadline)
  • 2015’s starting off with The Hobbit at the top of the box office. Taking guesses now for how 2016’s box office will kick off. Bonus points if you can guess 2025’s first box office winner. (via Vulture)

This Woman In Black review is not kind.

  • So how much of what shows like Dr. Oz spew is true? A study in the British Medical Journal set out to find out. (via io9)

In total, the reviewers evaluated 160 randomly selected recommendations made on these shows. Of those recommendations, nearly half were either unsupported or flatly contradicted by the best available evidence.

This is a 3D-printed Batman Arkham suit and it is SO COOL. (via Uproxx) (Images via Gauntlet FX)

Can never not think of this:

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