Things We Saw Today: Will Smith’s Hits Played All At Once Is Actually Soothing

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Stop what you’re doing. You just need to sit here and listen for a bit. What we’ve got here is Will Smith’s greatest hits all played at once. I know it sounds like a mess now, but I promise you: it’s a gosh darn work of art. (via The Daily Dot)

  • The Daily Dot is on the music beat today, cause they also shared this… uh, surprising Weezer/Kanye West mashup album. Bask in this moment: we live in a world where this exists. Oh, and for free.
  • In a completely different direction, I’d like to ask: have you ever wanted to live at Hogwarts? You can (almost) do just that if you buy one of the luxury homes built into Royal Connaught Park, a former public school used to shoot the Great Hall scenes for the first three Potter movies. Go on, then, count your galleons, everyone. (via Nerdist)

WIRED's Space Photo of the Week: Charon

Check out WIRED’s space photo of the week. This week’s featured photo is Charon, which… we’re still not sure exactly how to pronounce. Let us know, NASA.

  • Speaking of alien planets: there’s this really intriguing article in Forbes about NASA’s Office of Planetary Protection. No, they’re not the Men in Black, but they are the ones responsible for protecting Earth from things like alien stowaway organisms and the like. It’s super fascinating stuff!
  • Speaking of (fictional) aliens from another planet: Hasbro has apparently announced that there’s going to be Transformers movies to come for the next ten years. It took three months for them to plan out the next 10 years of Transformers movies, so… buckle up, folks. It’s going to be an interesting ride. (via Coming Soon)

What’d you fine folks see today?

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