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Things We Saw Today: Jar Jar Binks Travels to Improve Earth-Naboo Relations in My Gungan Travels

Jar Jar: International Binks of Mystery

jar jar

Jar Jar Binks takes relations between Earth and Naboo very seriously, which is why he’s spent the past 16 years traveling all over our planet (he’s been to every continent except Antarctica! Seriously!) and chronicling his adventures on his blog, My Gungan Travels over at his website, In the Bink of an Eye. Check out his impressive photo gallery, and if you know of any Ewoks or Wookies who’ve been doing similar traveling, he wants them to contribute, too. Because Jar Jar is all about diversity. (via email tips)

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YouTuber, Barry Craig attached Superman to his Phantom 3 drone. Fly, Superman, fly! (via Boing Boing)

chewie shoes

I can’t tell if I love, or really, really hate these Chewbacca crocs. Check out the rest of the images over at Toyland and decide for yourselves. What do you think?

And that’s all we saw today! What have we missed, loyal friends? What did YOU see today?

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