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Things We Saw Today: Our First Glimpse of AMC’s Fear the Walking Dead SDCC Poster

Fear the companion series we don't really need?


AMC has released its SDCC poster for the upcoming Walking Dead companion series, Fear the Walking Dead. Check it out, along with some other photos from the new show, over at!

  • Gkids has acquired the US rights to Studiocanal’s upcoming animated feature, April and the Extraordinary World, in which Marion Cotillard voices the titular April. They plan on a release in both English and French in early 2016. (via Variety)
  • Novelist Zadie Smith is set to write her first screenplay with French director, Claire Denis, and Smith’s husband, poet Nick Laird. It’s a sci-fi screenplay “set in another solar system beyond ours in a ‘future that seems like the present.'” Female-helmed sci-fi story? Sounds like fun! (via Vulture)

Our lovely Editor-In-Chief, Jill Pantozzi was thrilled to receive a lovely Thank You gift from some very thoughtful TMS readers for all her hard work over the last few years, and she wants to THANK YOU right back! This week is difficult with Jill leaving us, but readers like you are making it a little easier.

  • Check out Business Insider’s Top 18 (couldn’t round up to a 20?) Coolest Women in Tech! Did your favorite female tech icon make the list? Can’t wait for the upcoming Samurai Jack feature film? Well, this fan film by YouTuber Avemagnadude may tide you over until then. (via The AV Club)
  • iZombie fans take note! The show’s first season will be available on DVD on September 29th. Giving you plenty of time to catch up before the Season Two premiere on October 6th. (via Comic Vine)
  • Nothing says “Santa Claus” like….Grant Morrison? Check out this interview with Morrison at Comic Book Resources in which he discusses his reimagining of this legendary figure as a hero who fights injustice in his upcoming limited series, Klaus.

So, Chris Pratt and a bunch of zookeepers think they’re badass for imitating a pivotal scene in Jurassic World? Well…did any of them make their dinosaurs entirely out of balloons? Didn’t think so. (via epicballoons on Instagram)

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