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Things We Saw Today: Kate Mara is All of Us In This New The Martian Trailer

A little context: Ridley Scott is making a movie based on sci-fi novel The Martian, about an astronaut on the first mission to mars getting stranded and left behind by his crew after a series of terrible mistakes. This trailer is an incredibly well done in-universe look at the crew of the Ares 3. It’s incredibly rich with details about each of the crew members, including Kate Mara as nerdy astronaut Beth Johanssen. Definitely check it out.

  • Speaking of rad scientists, Neil deGrasse Tyson recently shot down hopes for a hoverboard, saying that outside of specialized venues with special floor textures to compliment hoverboards, it’s not likely to happen. Science, here’s your chance. Prove him wrong. (via Huffington Post)
  • If you’ve read our review of Spy, then this should be no surprise, but the movie has apparently blasted past San Andreas in weekend box office earnings. You go, Melissa McCarthy. You go. (via Vulture)

Listen. We gush about Mad Max: Fury Road enough, fine. But this video showing how to build your very own ukulele of fiery death based on Doof Warrior’s flamethrower guitar is seriously something else. You don’t need us to tell you to be careful and “fire bad,” but here it is anyway: Be careful. Fire bad. (via Gizmodo)

  • While we’ve still got science and building awesome stuff on our minds, you should check out this awesome Huffington Post interview with Dr. Jill Tarter, the inspiration for Jodie Foster’s character in Contact. She answers questions about the search for extra-terrestrial intelligence, and what it’s like being a woman working in a male-dominated field.
  • The US Quidditch league has released a new version of its rulebook on how to play the sport (if you’re a muggle, at least). If you’ve got a bunch of spare brooms, a ton of bored friends, and a lot of time on your hands, you can start playing Quidditch for real. (via io9)

Science, sports, and FIRE. That’s a pretty packed day. What’d y’all see?

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