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Things We Saw Today: Hayao Miyazaki’s Easter Eggs. Everywhere.

Does this mean all the movies are in the same universe or something?

What do Studio Ghibli and Pixar have in common? Easter eggs. Self-referential easter eggs everywhere. This supercut from Movie Munchies shows us a bunch of the neat little references that Studio Ghibli packs into every movie. The video even has a cute little melody that’ll probably be stuck in your head for a while. (via The Daily Dot)

  • The Hollywood Reporter’s Heat Vision blog supplies us with a pretty handy-dandy primer on supers fighting supers. It’s a long, storied, mythical history of dissent among the spandex-clad ranks. It doesn’t dive too far into details (because it’s a primer), but it’s something that’ll help you brush up on your knowledge.
  • Gabe Newell, Valve’s managing director of crowbar usage, responded to people’s worries over Steam’s new paid mod initiative on Reddit. He answered questions and remained optimistic about the change. (via PC Gamer)

Astronaut Scott Kelly has been tweeting from space since his one-year mission aboard the International Space Station began. Apparently when finally given a choice of what movie they’d like to watch on their new HD projector, they decide on… Gravity. Yeah. Sleep well up there, folks. (via Polygon)

  • Not everyone gets to sing in a Disney musical. While we all wish we could belt it out alongside the best of them, there’s always a few characters who have to sit back and let others take the stage. Disney’s got them covered with a neat tribute to some of the most memorable non-singing characters.
  • Michael Bay teased some images of the new vehicle in Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles 2. If the melody for the Studio Ghibli supercut didn’t get stuck in your head, maybe the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles animated series’ theme song will. (via Collider)

Okay, that should do it. What neat things did y’all see today?

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