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Things We Saw Today: Pop Culture Easter Egg Art Feat. Guardians Of the Galaxy

Happy Easter, to those who celebrate! My main form of celebrating this holiday mainly involves shoveling Peeps into my mouth and watching the occasional adorable Easter video. The one above features the Guardians Of the Galaxy crew as Easter eggs — including a slightly larger Groot and a slightly smaller Rocket — and a bunch of other pop culture eggs. Eggcelent. (via Daily Dot)

These people also made one of those videos last year:

Here’s a behind-the-scenes featurette for Fantastic Four. “I think because we wanted it to be grounded and dramatic, we went with the best dramatic actors,” they brag. I mean, they have Michael B. Jordan, so — fair. What’s the verdict on this movie so far? (via Comic Book Resources)

And, lastly, a farewell: Today is my last day at The Mary Sue. It is decidedly bittersweet, as I was TMS’ very first intern way back in 2011. This place was also my very first paying writer’s gig, my first excuse to live in New York, and the site of so many more important steps in my life, professionally and otherwise. This site will always be my website hometown, and I will always be grateful to Susana for hiring me the first and second times and to Jill for hiring me the third. I’ve had a lot of fun, fulfilling conversations with you lot in my on-and-off years here, and I expect we’ll keep having those in the comments. Otherwise, though, you can now find me over at Buzzfeed Geeky. I leave you in the very capable hands of Jessica Lachenal, the new Weekend Editor.

But it’s also Hayley Atwell’s birthday, so instead of ending on that note, let’s end on this one:

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