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Things We Saw Today: Catwoman Breaking The Bat With Her Really Sharp Heel

Things We Saw Today

HOLY HEEL, BATMAN! We’ve been seeing a lot of official images from The Dark Knight Rises being released this past week and although we’ve discussed at length how ridiculous it is for poor Anne Hathaway’s Catwoman to be in stilettos in Christopher Nolan’s utilitarian universe, I admit to loving this image. Apparently one of the previous posters had a QR code attached which led to this secret one being revealed on the TDKR website. At least there’s no question they’ll be used as weapons in the film now. (via Collider

  • The Frisky found a gentleman who built a replica of the Ghostbuster’s car. They say, “be my boyfriend,” I say, “marry me.”

Like mini-skirts? Like the periodic table of elements? This is the best of both worlds. Etsy seller GoChaseRabbits lets you pick your favorite element! (via Fashionably Geek)

  • In an expression of support, the Scottish Parliament put forth a motion this week to, “acknowledge the wedding Northstar [in Marvel Comics] and to declare that ‘same-sex marriage should not be restricted to the world of literature and fantasy.’” (via Robot6)

Here’s what some of the X-Men would look like if they had their own Disney movie. Art by Matthew Humphreys. (via io9)

  • Artists and writers spend a lot of time coming up with fun creations that spin-off from popular franchises or characters (see above), but one tumblr user is fed up with how “fanboys” have been reacting to some female fans’ expressions. She documents a few recent complaints from male fans who reacted badly to seeing their favorite male characters (particularly The Avengers) depicted as gay in fan art. Lots of great stuff is said, here’s a bit of it:

You get to ogle comic book characters constantly. You get to ogle movie characters constantly. And you know what? While I have a problem with the double standard in comics, that is your right. Women are sexy.

But if I want to put Iron Man and Captain America on the cover of The Notebook or pose them like Cyclops and Jean Grey, I’m going to do it. And I think I have the right to without being thought of as some sort of freak.

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