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Things We Saw Today: Agent Carter Doing Her Best Carmen Sandiego


So classy. (via Entertainment Weekly)

  • The Obamas are apparently getting a movie made about their early romance days. Tika Sumpter will play Michelle while they’ve yet to cast the future President. (via Deadline)
  • Watch NASA astrobiologist Kevin Hand explain how the oceans of Jupiter’s moon Europa could contain life. (via Laughing Squid)
  • The print versions of Dog Fancy and Cat Fancy magazines are officially no more. This is the worst kind of travesty. (via BoingBoing)


I absolutely need a solar system ornament set. A good chunk of space change at $375 but totally worth it. (via Geekologie)

  • The Salvation Army has been under scrutiny lately over discrimination issues. They felt they would help the issue by responding to someone on Twitter with a link to a story describing how they mistreated a transgender woman. (via Twitter)
  • Walt Disney lied to us about lemmings. My life has no meaning. (via BBC)
  • When you die, would you like an urn to house your remains? What about an urn that looks just like you? What if it was more like an action figure version of you? Or maybe you’d prefer to be Superman or Indiana Jones? Whatever the case, Cremation Solutions has you covered. (via io9)


I never thought I’d say this, but… HAVE MY RAPTOR BABIES, CHRIS PRATT! (Manuel Unda via io9)

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