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Things We Saw Today: Mother Of Dragon Age


Reddit user killerewok made this awesome Daenerys Targaryen in Dragon Age: Inquisition. You can follow her album on Imgur to make your own! (via Polygon)

  • Stephen King’s The Stand is officially being made into not one but four movies! Matthew Mcconaughey as Randall Flagg or bust, IMO. (via io9)
  • “Disney cats” might sound adorable, but they’re actually the center of an ongoing debate between animal rights groups and Disneyland’s management. Used to help stave off rodents when the park was first built, the feral feline community has experienced an enormous population boom in recent years. To learn more about Disney’s cats and see images, head over to Neatorama.


Cosplay in your sleep with ThinkGeeks‘ $40 Tenth Doctor pyjamas! Or, you know, when you run errands, binge-watch Netflix, snack…any and all times when jim-jam wearing is acceptable. (via io9)

  • Despite the many illustrations available of dodos, most of us have no context for what the extinct bird would have look liked in the flesh. Now, scientists have created a 3D-scanned dodo skeleton to give us a better understanding of the permanently lost species. (via Wired)
  • We should have known: the Grumpy Cat Christmas movie will also come with original Grumpy Cat Christmas songs. You can even watch the video for “A Very Grumpy Christmas!” right now! (via Jezebel)


A grim reminder of the sheer amount of snow that fell on Buffalo, New York this week: one Redditor was even able to recreate an iconic image from Attack on Titan! At least Eren looked warm. (via The Daily Dot)

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