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Things We Saw Today: Zack Snyder Tweets Pic of Batman and R2-D2, Bros

Beep boop growl.

Zack Snyder is not my favorite director of all time, but this is twice now he’s Tweeted DC/Star Wars mashups for no apparent reason, and I’m cool with that. /Film reveals the heartbreaking news that these are actually toys that Snyder snapped a picture of with his phone, meaning Dawn of Justice won’t have a scene where Bats and Artoo have a long, impassioned conversation about political theory and Wookiees.


I wanted to show you this new picture from Stephen Hawking biopic The Theory of Everything because it’s in our area of interest, but also because I have unilaterally decided that henceforth Eddie Redmayne’s version of the famous scientist shall be referred to as Hawkmayne. You’re welcome. (via Collider)

  • Nickelodeon and Paramount are teaming up for a School of Rock TV show. Deadline has details.
  • Universal has tapped Alex Kurtzman (whose writing/producing credits include The Amazing Spider-Man, Sleepy Hollow, Star Trek, and Star Trek Into Darkness) to direct their Mummy reboot. (via Deadline)

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