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Things We Saw Today: Unexpected Patronuses

The Spanish Inquisition?


Alicia Braumberger‘s chart of rare patronuses is also available as a print or on a tote bag or pillow via Redbubble, no wand required. (via io9, hat tip to Cheryl)

  • Archeologists have found ancient homoerotic graffiti dating back to the fifth century. Your genitalia love truly withstood the test of time, Nikasitimos and Timiona. (via Death and Taxes)
  • A whole bunch of dudes are being considered for True Detective season 2. Hopefully they’ll just play the foil to a bad-ass, take-charge lady. (via Jezebel)


It took me far too long to truly comprehend the genius of this Jake Sparrow cosplay. (via Fashionably Geek, picture by Estrada Photography)

  • British actress Ophelia Lovibond has joined the cast of CBS’ Elementary as a “rival” for Lucy Liu’s Watson, because we couldn’t possibly have two strong female characters on a single show without some kind of competition. (via Variety)
  • A Swedish man is being charged with illegal weapons possession for carrying around a crossbow with which to “go out and kill vampires.” (via Boing Boing)


I know, I know, Sailor Moon mania has your wallet all tapped out of late, but Premium Bandai is now taking orders for tiara rings. Each piece is over $100, but hey, at least these jewels won’t drain your energy! (Probably.) (via Anime News)

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