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Things We Saw Today: Happy Geek Pride Day!

Things We Saw Today

Today marks a convergence of geekery: Towel Day (for all you hoopy froods out there), the 37th anniversary of the release of Star Wars, and the Glorious Twenty-Fifth of May. With their powers combined, they are…Geek Pride Day! In celebration, both ThinkGeek and WeLoveFine are offering checkout codes good for 20% off. Hide your wallets.

  • Set your alarm clocks: The Sailor Moon reboot will be streaming on Crunchyroll, starting July 5 at 6:00 AM. (via Anime News Network)
  • One of the co-creators of Counter-Strike says that Half-Life 3 is totally in development, and that he’s seen concept art. In other news: Unicorns! Do they exist? (via The Escapist)

Whoa. Hats off to tattoo artist Aleksandra Katsan. (via Neatorama)

  • Come, swoon over the tiny details in Game of Thrones’ costumery. (The Hollywood Reporter)
  • Hugh Jackman would love to see a Wolverine/Avengers crossover film. I was disinclined to agree, until he suggested a Hulk fight. (Variety)

Over 300 artists on Tumblr are mashing up Akira with The Simpsons, because internet. (; image credit Wyatt Carroll)

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