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Things We Saw Today: A Fresh Batch of Star Trek: The Next Generation Easter Eggs

Things We Saw Today

What? What else were you expecting? (photo credit unknown; via That’s Nerdalicious!)

  • A detailed recap of Orphan Black, for those who need a brush-up before tonight’s season premiere. (via Boing Boing)
  • Next time you encounter someone confused about freedom of speech, perhaps mention that at least twenty fanfic authors in China were arrested for writing slash. (via The Daily Dot)

Allis Markham, a taxidermist for the Natural History Museum of Los Angeles, made this three-eyed crow as a graduation gift for her best friend. No mention as to whether her friend’s a warg, but I think it’s a fair bet that her dreams are about to get interesting. (via Geeks Are Sexy)

  • Grab your transformation pens! The cast for the new Sailor Moon anime will be announced on April 27. (via Anime News Network)
  • Lewis Carroll hated the limelight. So much that he sometimes wished he’d never written Alice In Wonderland. (via io9)

A LEGO Frozen ice palace, currently seeking votes on Cuusoo. (via Topless Robot)

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