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Things We Saw Today: Lady Fett

Things We Saw Today


“I remember playing with my Boba Fett action figure as a little kid, and my mom saying ‘Boba Fett could be a woman, you can’t tell with the armor and the helmet.’ This was in the mid- 90s, before the prequel films revealed Boba Fett to be some lame clone kid,” says Tumblr user aJRAWINGS. “I still think of Boba Fett being female to this day, and I still think that’s cooler than the ‘official’ explanation.” Ditto. (thanks, anon tipster!)

Starting today Skype users can express their innermost emotions with Captain America: The Winter Soldier emojis. Cap’s saluting; he doesn’t have a tiny, misshapen baguette on his head. Hey, it took me a minute. (Wired)

  • Neatorama shares some marital advice from a 1952 issue of Modern Bride. Excerpt: “The average man marries a woman who is slightly less intelligent than he is. That’s why many brilliant women never marry.” It goes on to say that women should “disguise their brilliance” in order to catch a man, but I think we can ignore that part.
  • Jezebel tell us about a Tumblr user who sent rape threats to several users and was promptly banned and his harassment reported to the proper authorities. Oh wait, I’m sorry. Tumblr didn’t do anything until after user Misandry Mermaid doxxed the offender, which led to her Tumblr being temporarily suspended and the post in question deleted. My bad.
  • Supernatural spinoff Supernatural: Bloodlines has chosen Arrow’s Melissa Roxburgh as its female lead. Wait. “Supernatural” and “female lead” in the same sentence? (Deadline)

SciFiNow, via Entertainment Weekly, has a pair of pictures of Zoe Saldana‘s starring turn in NBC’s Rosemary’s Baby miniseries. When pixie cuts go wrong…

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