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Things We Saw Today: The Girl Scout Logo, Miyazakified

Things We Saw Today

Artist Bruce Yan takes logos—like that of the Girls Scouts, above, or Starbucks and Morton Salt—and reimagines them with characters from Studio Ghibli and Disney films. See more at Nerd Approved.

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  • Neatorama fills a hole in our lives we never knew was there with their list of The Best Librarian Songs.
  • The new Muppets Most Wanted promo is an… anti-piracy video? Well. You can’t say they’re not Kermitted to the cause. (The Hollywood Reporter)

Earlier today we showed you an X-Men LEGO set up for vote on Cuusoo, a site that allows prospective kits to be considered for production if they get over 10,000 supporters. Then we found out about another kit: DrNO’s Accessibility Set, currently sitting at 3,188 supporters. It’s not as flashy as the X-Mansion, but it’s more than worthy, not least because if the set gets made all of DrNO’s proceeds (1% of total sales) will be donated to the non-profit organization Parent Project Muscular Dystrophy.

  • A study from the Journal of Management Inquiry has found the exact age at which the pay given to female actresses severely drops off: 34. “Male actors’ compensation however, peaks around age 51 and shows no signs of decreasing with age.” (The Huffington Post; autoplay video at the link)
  • Susana Polo, whom you may recognize from being the Managing Editor on the site you are reading at this very moment (GASSSSP), was a special guest on the most recent episode of the Game On Girls podcast. Go give it a listen.

Natasha’s wearing an itty bitty arrow necklace in a recent promo pic for Captain America: The Winter Soldier. Some, such as, take it as evidence of a Black Widow/Hawkeye OTP. For me it says they’re BFFs and Nat has bangin’ taste in jewelry. Shippers, start your engines.

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