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Things We Saw Today: Beast and Wolverine Caught Red-Handed

Things We Saw Today

Seriously, doesn’t this photo look like they just got busted for something?  Anyway, new image from X-Men: Days of Future Past of Beast and Wolverine! (Via Entertainment Weekly)

Yep, those are Hobbit shoes!  Beautiful work by Twitter user @rachelellenlela‘s best friend. Someone needs to start an Etsy store, stat! (via FashionablyGeek)

  • Awesome person Glenn Close will be playing Anna Anderson, a fraud who pretended to be Grand Russian Duchess Anastasia, in the new film Duchess. (via Deadline)
  • Disney’s Frozen is number one on the US Billboard chart.  Let us know when you stop singing “Let It Go” constantly. (via DigitalSpy)

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