Things We Saw Today: This Scarf Tells the Story of The Hobbit

Things We Saw Today
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I wants it, preciousssss. (by Frivolite Handcrafts on Ravelry, via io9)

  • Starting on New Year’s Day the Boy Scouts of America will start accepting openly gay members. (The Frisky)
  • Supreme Court Justice Sonia Sotomayor will lead the 60-second countdown at Times Square’s famous New Year’s Eve Celebration. So flip over from Syfy’s The Twilight Zone marathon for a minute and give it a watch. Or don’t. I can’t control what you do. (Jezebel)

Florentijn Hofman made this pair of slug statues out of 40,000 plastic bags because ART. (Laughing Squid)

Red Skull, what even are you doing in this new Sideshow Collectibles figure? You look like a smart-alec teenager trying to photobomb drunks at a football game. (/Film)

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