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Things We Saw Today: Wrap Boba Fett Around Your Little Finger With This Ring

Things We Saw Today

By Paul Michael, creator of the Han Solo in carbonite ring design (now an actual ring!), here’s Boba Fett in jewelry form. (For sale on Etsy, via Geeks Are Sexy)

This 22-karat gold toiler paper, sold by The Toilet Paper Man, costs approximately $1.3 million a roll and is “Delivered Personaly [sic] with a bottle of Champagne.” Start saving up. (Geekologie)

  • Teen Wolf has added a new character for the second half of season three: Deputy Sheriff Perish, to be played by Ryan Kelley. Something tells me he’ll fare better than Deputy Tara Graham, who perished in the first half. It has something to do with Perish being a white dude and Graham being a woman of color. Teen Wolf‘s record when it comes to killing off women and people of color isn’t exactly good. (Deadline)
  • Our video game guru Becky Chambers writes about the changing face of space exploration and its connection to sci-fi at
  • Via Sociological Images, a study has determined the proliferation of pink in the breast cancer awareness movement makes women less likely to A) think they might get breast cancer and B) donate to the cause. The reasoning is that using a gendered cue like the color pink reminds women that they specifically are more likely to get the disease, which makes them “subconsciously try to push away the idea that they’re vulnerable and that breast cancer is something that they, or anyone, needs to worry about it,” writes Lisa Wade, PhD.

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