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Things We Saw Today: Pwincess Bwide Wine

Things We Saw Today

Best idea ever, or best idea ever? There’s now a line of Princess Brideinspired wine. Choose from the Inconceivable Cab or the As You Wish White. (via Gothamist

  • No, J.C. Penney won’t be firing Ellen DeGeneres because you don’t like homosexuals. Go find something else to do with your time.
  • A new Kickstarter to help fund the world premiere of the documentary, Wonder Women! The Untold Story of American Superheroines. They’ve interviewed Gloria Steinem and Shelby Knox, actresses Lynda Carter (Wonder Woman) and Lindsay Wagner (The Bionic Woman), and punk rock star Kathleen Hanna (Bikini Kill & Le Tigre), and many others.

Hello Kitty meets Evangelion! Not just a fun design but an entire product line to coincide with the third movie coming out this fall, Rebuild of Evangelion: You Can (Not) Redo.(via Japanator)

  • A test-tube chandelier has been created. It’s been named after Marie Curie. (via boing boing)
  • Remember that time Catwoman sprayed Ozzy Osbourne with pepper spray? Actually, that was two impersonators in front of the Kodak Theater on Hollywood Blvd. True story. Go watch the video. (via NBC)

Yasmine Surovec, the wonderful creator of the Cat Vs Human web comic, has created a line of t-shirts and tote bags based on her work. Cat ladies everywhere rejoice! Check out all the designs here. (via Catsparella)

  • Remember when we were a part of helping Ana Gasteyer get verified on Twitter? Congrats, Ana, you wear that crown well.
  • The NY Times had to print a correction on a description of that incredibly creepy furry-esque scene from The Shining. “An earlier version of this article incorrectly described imagery from The Shining. The gentleman seen with the weird guy in the bear suit is wearing a tuxedo, but not a top hat.” (via io9)

Here is a legitimate Dark Knight Rises tie-in toy via the Idle Hands blog. Who knew Batman’s real identity was Mr. Potato Head! Check out some other new TDKR toys including those fun POP! dolls and a really angry Batman in armor at Nerd Approved.

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