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Twitter Has Something Against Verifying Ana Gasteyer [UPDATED]

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Ana Gasteyer, one of the most talented women ever to come from Saturday Night Live, a musical wonder, a devoted wife and mother, and one of the current stars of the ABC show Suburgatory, cannot get verified on Twitter. No matter how many pictures she posts of herself from her account, no matter how many pleas she makes — it has still (as of this writing) not happened. Gawker took a closer look at this and spoke to Gasteyer, and the mystery only continues to grow. Update: Since first publishing this post, Gasteyer has been verified!

Gasteyer signed up back in August and has been enjoying using the microblogging site to connect with fans. Except there’s one problem: some of those fans are not sure if the account bearing the handle “@AnaGasteyer” is actually being run by Ana Gasteyer. With over 17,000 followers who do trust that @AnaGastyer is not being run by an impostor (or just don’t care enough to look into it), you’d think that after all this campaigning, Twitter would verify this beloved woman. But no. And Gasteyer is getting a little annoyed for having to prove her own existence:

“I’m so good at impersonating myself I’ve reached an entirely new level of acting,” she says. “It’s like Meryl Streep.”

Gawker inquired as to why Twitter is being so stubborn about this, and as it turns out, there is a really obnoxious process involved in becoming verified:

“You have to be an advertiser or have a website affiliated,” she explained. “I kept going to the page about verification and getting cock blocked. After a couple weeks I got an email address.”

Oh. How nice of them. In response to a polite verification request from Gastyer, Twitter went ahead and verified a fake account for Rupert Murdoch‘s wife, Wendi Deng.

Gasteyer then started sending several pictures of herself, from her legitimate account, with other verified celebrities, including Alan Tudyk, above, and Suburgatory co-star Jeremy Sisto, below:

And still — as of right now, she is still not verified. Still. We’re glad Gawker has put a spotlight on this issue, and we would also really like to see Ana Gasteyer verified. So, tell Twitter that you believe that @AnaGasteyer deserves a verification. And follow Ana Gasteyer on Twitter, because she is real. She promises.

Update: Ana Gasteyer is now, officially, verified! Yay!

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