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Things We Saw Today: Charlie Brown As Hellboy, aka Hellnuts

Things We Saw Today

This fantastic Hellboy/Peanuts mashup, titled Hellnuts, by Chris Thornley (Raid71) is being sold as a limited edition print to benefit Art V Cancer. Just $35. (via Super Punch) Hit the jump for all the other fun stuff we found online today. 

  • New tumblr alert! Say hello to, This Is What Women In Superhero Comics Should Be. It’s highlighting some postivie depictions of females in superhero comics, some more recent than others, but a great link to have on hand when you want to give someone an example of how it can, and should, be done more often.
  • Related: DC Women Kicking Ass discusses Women In Refrigerators: 13 Years Later. Don’t know what women in refrigerators means? Don’t worry, she gives you a quick history lesson too.
  • Susan Panico, senior director of the PlayStation Network in North America, has left Sony after working with them for more than 17 years.(via Gamasutra)

I didn’t think they could manage it, but Lego Gollum is just as creepy as CGI and animated Gollum. (via The Hero Complex)

  • Related: A Lord of the Rings/Monty Python mashup t-shirt that presents a problem. (via Fashionably Geek)
  • And handy guide on pairing comic books and beer. (via Quirk Books)
  • Actor Sir Ben Kingsley officially joins the cast of Ender’s Game to play Mazer Rackham. (via Deadline)

Presented without comment. (via Fashionably Geek)

  • You get to take a TARDIS set tour for free if you’ve got a ticket to the official Doctor Who Convention in the UK.
  • Gameranx wonders, Bioshock Little Sister Pin-Up: Is This Necessary?
  • And finally, Topless Robot gives us a list of 6 Deleted Scenes from Star Trek Movies that Would’ve Made Them a Little Less Confusing.

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