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Things We Saw Today: Jedi Michonne Gets a Weapons Upgrade To Fight Zombie Stormtroopers

Things We Saw Today

This poster by PJ McQuade of Michonne, Jedi bounty hunter, is on sale at McQuade’s Etsy shop, so that you can contemplate Michonne in all her intimidating, double-lightsaber wielding power and wish there were really a comic book to explain to you how the stormtrooper-zombie outbreak began.

  • The Frisky has compiled the 5 top reasons to see The Heat, reason number 1 being that it has very funny women in a funny movie. (via The Frisky)
  • “The California Department of Corrections has been coercing pregnant female inmates to undergo sterilization for more than a decade.” (via Feministe)
  • Winter is coming, and apparently the trends for the fall/winter 2014 season will be Game of Thrones-inspired. I wonder what it takes to dress like a Lannister? (via Swide)

This TARDIS dress is available at for anyone who wants to dress as the Doctor’s greatest companion.

This new Japanese poster for The Wolverine, or Wolverine: Samurai in Japan, shows us that it is in fact possible to make Wolverine’s hand even more dangerous, with the addition of a very shiny sword. Even the cherry blossom petals in this poster look like they’re made out of metal! (via Super Hero Hype)

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